Recent REIWA articles indicate the road ahead is looking favourable – at last!



A new housing affordability report has found Western Australia is the most affordable state in the country for tenants and home buyers. Only the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory are more affordable.



The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), supported by Adelaide Bank, released their latest Housing Affordability Report yesterday, with the findings revealing affordability in WA’s housing and rental markets had improved on both a quarterly and annual basis in the September quarter 2017.




The Perth property market is showing signs of a recovery; buyers and tenants will remain the beneficiaries of the current environment conditions, given the steady supply of housing and rental stock to choose from at the more affordable end of the property market.



Overall, affordability improved across the nation as red-hot markets in Sydney and Melbourne cool, although in New South Wales home owners still pay an average of 36.1 per cent of their family income on home loan repayments – significantly more than West Australians do. While the dream of home ownership remains a challenge on the East Coast, it’s very much alive and well in WA.



“With our local market on the cusp of recovering, now is the time for buyers to take advantage of favourable conditions to secure their home before our local WA market becomes less affordable.” 



After a solid couple of years of subdued conditions in the Perth property market, we can look back on 2017 as a transitional period that brought about the bottom of the market. Coming off the back of a very soft 2016, the Perth property market regained its foothold in 2017, with stable listings, sales and median house price levels observed.



The stability we are now witnessing across key market indicators is a welcome change. 





New housing finance figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show first home buyers continue to steadily increase their presence in the national housing market.



The market increased 18 per cent in November 2017, the highest it has been since October 2012.



So with that, if you have been on the fence about whether or not to invest in the real estate sector, maybe now is the time to dip your toe in further and pick up a good deal before the upward trend begins to gather pace; if you would like to discuss any aspect of the current market further, feel free to call Ricky Gee-Woolhouse on 0412 656 184.

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Allow us to introduce our newest team member…

In one of our recent blogs, entitled “The Skinny on Scope”, we mentioned that Scope Realty is now 18 months old and very surely building its profile as a dependable, efficient and innovative real estate company.

Not only is our reputation growing, so too is our team, which is the purpose of today’s blog.

Allow us to introduce you to Ian Crawley, our newest team member who not only brings with him a wealth of real estate sales experience but is our 3rd licensee (hence the title of this blog).

As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Ian brings almost 20 years working continuously as a real estate professional in Perth, experience gained from selling a wide range of properties in all types of market conditions.

Ian is accomplished in all methods of sale, including auction.  He will listen carefully to your situation, needs and preferences before reaching an agreed course of action to meet those needs employing outstanding marketing and negotiation skills to deliver the best possible price.

Prior to real estate, Ian’s background was in government, where attention to detail was crucial.  Ian brings this attention to detail to the sale of your property, be it a multi-million dollar home or a one bedroom investment property.

As a consummate real estate professional Ian is the type of person you can trust with your most valuable asset.  His strong record of repeat business is evidence of many happy clients served.

Welcome Ian!  We are delighted to have you on board.

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An insight into the workings of Wembley’s newest real estate agency and why it is “working”.

As Spring returns to our shores and as Scope Realty approaches its 18 month birthday, we thought it appropriate to remind you of the services that we offer so that you understand how easy our group of businesses make it for you to buy or sell property whilst fully supporting you as you transition from one life chapter to the next.

Let us explain.  If you click on this link you will see a diagram which depicts the unique structure of our group of businesses.  The diagram includes:


Scope Realty

At the centre of the diagram is Scope Realty, a boutique real estate agency set up by owner/Principal Ricky Gee-Woolhouse and employing the awesome 20+ years’ experience of Mark Grisdale (Licensee-Sale Consultant).

Already the Scope Realty name is becoming familiar around Perth, simply because our approach when working with people, is one of complete transparency; people know where they stand with us and that goes a long way to developing trust.

“We do our best to appraise properties honestly, to listen to our clients receptively and to meet agreed outcome expediently”, comments Ricky.  “It’s a simple formula that works.”

With both Ricky and Mark bringing a combined 50 years business expertise to the table, its little wonder that we are experiencing consistent referral business.  Some of the testimonials that have been offered to us reflect the good job we are doing:

“Great agent! Mark was friendly, easy going and very responsive to our requests throughout the whole process.  A bottle of champagne with the handover of keys was a very nice touch.”                                                                                         Jason

“I’ve found Scope Realty to be extremely professional and would highly recommend them.  Their service has been second to none”                                                                                                                                                                                  Julie

“It was a pleasure dealing with Ricky. He helped me purchase my first new home and it all went smoothly from the second I met him. He’s very friendly, helpful and professional. Thanks Ricky!”                                                                              Simone

Not only that but with Ricky being a fully qualified mortgage broker as well as a qualified realtor, customers have had the luxury of drawing from his vast broking knowledge to support choices they have had to make during the buy/sell process.  Finding such a combination of qualifications is rare and offers our customers another reason to place their confidence in us.

Talking about Mortgage Broking conveniently leads me to our next group business.


Mortgage Broking

What name immediately springs to mind when you think about Mortgage Broking?

It would have to be Mortgage Choice, right?

And why wouldn’t it be?  Mortgage Choice has been one of Australia’s leading mortgage aggregators since its inception in 1992.

Co-owner of our group, (along with Ricky), is Mark Wilkins who is at the helm of our mortgage broking business. The word “expert” springs to mind when describing Mark’s prowess as a Finance Broker, having honed his skills over 17 years and developing a loan book that would make your head spin.

So what made us combine a real estate business alongside a broking business?

Well, if you think about it, both businesses complement each other.

And, if they complement each other, imagine what they will do for you.

Picture this!

Let’s imagine that you attend a Scope Realty home open.  You like the property and decide that you want to make an offer.  You also need to sort out finance.  When discussing this with Ricky, when writing up the offer, and because of his finance broking experience, he clearly understands what needs to happen next to get your finance process started.

He refers you to Mark, who very adeptly, comes to grips with your information letting you know your borrowing power.  Mark clearly advises which would be the best financial lender for your particular requirements.

The process is seamless and efficient, eliminating the need for you to journey around wondering who to engage.

But, the process doesn’t just work in that direction.

Let’s say your first port of call is an approach to Mark because you want to understand your financial situation and to have a clear picture of your potential borrowing power.  During that discussion you raise the subject of your interest in selling (or buying) a property.

In this instance, Mark will introduce you to Ricky who will carefully walk you through the process of selling/buying a property; you can rest easy in the knowledge that your needs are being fully addressed, underpinned with certainty about your financial position.

“Your peace of mind is top of our mind.”

Which leads me to our next business:


Financial Planning

Let’s face it, when we’re making a big change in our lives, whether it’s moving house, starting a new job, closing a business or retiring, behind each of these scenarios sits all manner of financial implications.  It’s fair to say that in order to serve ourselves properly, we are obliged to understand the financial ramifications that any of these life changing decisions create.

So why would we not take time to speak with someone who is equipped with all the right credentials, tools and up to date knowledge?


Cue Glen Usher, our group’s brilliant Financial Planner who brings 14 years dedicated financial planning experience for you, our customer, to draw upon.

This segment of our business reflects the importance we place on our duty of care towards our clients.  We have made sure that whatever question you have regarding those items you need to have in place, so that your family’s interests are protected, are available to you.  These items may include:

Income protection

Trauma insurance

Life and total and permanent disability insurance



Glen’s specialty is his capacity to help those people who are in a situation where they are ready to downsize, you know children have left home, house is too big, and maybe it’s time to offload an investment property to realise some capital and make that capital work differently, since your needs are now different.

Actually, one of Glen’s clients is in exactly this situation at present and Scope Realty is in the process of selling their home in readiness for their next chapter.

Are you beginning to see how our group of businesses interacts? Our primary objective is for you, our client, to feel assured of consistent, professional service across the spectrum of services that we deliver, which parallel with life’s most important decisions.

So what about “Settlement Agency Services” and “Property Management”?

These two components of our business are definitely on the “Grand Plan”.  They will happen in due course as we continue to deepen our roots in the market place and various milestones have been achieved.  Naturally we will keep you informed of when they are “open for business”.  It is our hope that you see how pertinent and complimentary these two businesses will be to the services that we currently offer.

So let’s imagine a final scenario then.

You decide that you want some financial advice, so you give Glen, our financial planner, a call.  From this conversation you realise that you want to sell a property and buy a cheaper investment property.

Glen suggests that you work with Ricky of Scope Realty which you do and in so doing, you find a house that you wish to buy.

Recognising the need for finance, Ricky introduces you to Mark, our mortgage broking expert, to co-ordinate the sourcing of that finance.

The offer you make on the property is accepted, and once all conditions are met, our in-house settlement agency manages that process.  Given the property is an investment, the final link in the chain, to realise your dream, is to rent it out.  And would you believe it, our thriving property management business is ready and waiting to manage your all-important asset.

All this, under the one roof!

We are super excited to be offering these services.  With a lot of thought and careful planning, we’ve created a suite of businesses to help you reduce your leg work and stress levels.  Anything we can do to minimise stress and maximise ease during a time that is typically fraught with pressure and the need to make decisions we see as our duty.

So, let us be of service to you.  When major changes are on the horizon, give us a call on either of these numbers: 9287 1020/9287 1030.  It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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Consider what you look for when you go to view a “Home Open”.

Would it be fair to say that when you enter into a home that looks and feels well looked after, that your interest level increases?

Well, it’s safe to say that most buyers are looking for the same thing.  A home that is in tip top condition.  Homes that have had less attention paid to them, are running the risk of remaining on the market for longer.

Here’s a guide you can use offering the top 10 tips to whip your home into shape and wow potential buyers.

1) Improve your landscaping.

Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so make sure your home’s lawn (if you have one) is immaculate. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant flowers.

2) Clean the outside.

The degree of attention you’ve given to the exterior will leave an impression on buyers about the quality of the interior maintenance as well. Be sure to clean the gutters; pressure wash your home’s paving and make sure squeaky gates are oiled.  Clean and sparkly windows are a must! If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is free of leaves and debris and that all pool fences are in good working order.

3) Make repairs.

In a buyer’s market, you want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of major defects like broken windows or a leaky roof that could discourage buyers.

4)  Make the front door inviting.

A fresh coat of paint, especially in a colour that contrasts with the home, will make the front door stand out. Replace faded house numbers so buyers can see them from the curb.

5) Buy a new welcome mat.

Let buyers know they’re invited into your home.

6) Remove clutter and depersonalize.

Buyers want to envision their belongings in your home. Preparing to sell your home is often a great time to clear things out.  If you like you could clean up by renting a storage unit for knickknacks, photos, extra furniture and other personal items that you could do without during this phase.

7) Organize closets and drawers.

Messy closets detract from space that they may offer and could give the appearance that your home doesn’t have enough storage space.  Again, use this time as an opportunity to clear out and get organised.

8) Make every surface shine.

From ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, clean your home until it sparkles.

9) Take colour down a notch.

If your home is adventurous in colour this is a good time to consider toning down your palate so as to engage with a broader audience.  Paint your walls a more neutral colour and accessorise with colourful cushions or paintings.  Less is more in the land of home selling.

10) Eliminate bad odours.

If you have cats, hide the litter box and if you have a dog or dogs, make sure the garden is free of their business. Spray air neutralizer throughout your home. When showing the home, fill it with inviting smells by putting out fresh flowers and baking a batch of cookies.

Yes, these are simple ideas and their simplicity makes them more doable.  The outcome of implementing these ideas as part of your home-selling plan could very well make the difference between you getting the house sold or not; or indeed in getting the price that you are hoping for or not.

Bottom line, if you know in your own heart that you have maximised the potential for your home to sell quickly, at the best price possible, because you have done everything possible to make that happen, that couldn’t be more satisfying.

For excellent assistance in selling your property, contact Ricky at Scope Realty, 9287 1020.

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Scope speaks with some of Wembley’s business people…the people who make Wembley tick.


So what is it that makes Wembley such a favourite for small business enterprise? 

Why do people in business choose Wembley as a base for running their business?

What are some of the benefits of being a part of the Wembley business community?


Let’s find out.

WA is well known for producing the greater proportion (per head of capita) of entrepreneurs in Australia.

As any astute business person will tell you, where one positions oneself, in geographical terms, will have a direct influence on how one’s business evolves.

So, in continuing the exposé of Wembley, we decided that it would be a great idea to share the stories of some of Wembley’s business folk who are based along the Cambridge Street strip.

As we head east out of our front door, our first stop is Coffee Table Delights.  Yes, this is where we frequent for our daily dose of caffeine (which is none too shabby, let me tell you)…beautifully prepared coffee (these guys have consistency down like a fine art) and a wonderful array of scrumptious cakes, biscuits and eats, all of which are made in house.

Here’s what Josh Hathaway, café manager, had to say about working in Wembley;

Scope: What does Coffee Table Delights (from here on CTD) do?

Josh from CTD: We operate a production kitchen (that employs 10-15 people depending on the time of year) and a wholesale business that supplies a range of biscuits and sweet treats to resorts, hotels and airlines (the likes of Singapore Airlines and Qantas).

We also operate a café serving great coffee, tea and of course, the same assortment of cakes, biscuits and other treats to our local customers, who enjoy a quiet moment at the tables outside or take their refreshments back to work with them.

Scope: How long has CTD been in Wembley?

Josh from CTD: In 2014, we moved from the west end of Cambridge Street to these premises at which time we opened the café.

Scope: What made you position your business in Wembley?

Josh from CTD: The current owners purchased a business that was already here and kept it local.

Scope: What are some of the benefits of being based in Wembley?

Josh from CTD: Well, personally for me, as I live in Floreat, so it is super easy for me to get to work.  More generally speaking, the community nature of Wembley lends itself to building lasting relationships with customers.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are local to Wembley?

Josh from CTD: Most of our customers are ‘Wemblians’ and many of them are regulars, but I couldn’t be specific about percentages.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are loyal and regular to your business?

Josh from CTD: What we find is that our customers like their rituals and tend not to change their habits much so we enjoy lots of regulars’ custom.  It is a good social environment here, particularly on the weekends cos many people know each other and tend to hang out.

To find out more about Coffee Table Delights, check out their webpage at

After enjoying a wonderfully creamy, hot, topped-up long mac, I then thanked Josh for his time and continued on my journey, east bound, along Cambridge Street.

Next stop, 3 Bears located on the corner of Cambridge and Jersey streets, where I had the pleasure of speaking with Colin, one of the owners of this wonderful “colourful” clothing retail shop.

Scope: What is 3 Bears business activity?

Colin of 3 Bears: Clothing retail.  We sell quirky and colourful fashion with “colourful” being our unique selling point; many of the brands we sell are from overseas.

Scope: How long has your business been in Wembley?

Colin of 3 Bears: 7 ½ years; we opened in October 2009.

Scope: What made you position your business in Wembley?

Colin of 3 Bears: We originally wanted to be in Leederville, but the cost of renting was too high, so we found the rents were better here in Wembley.

Scope: What are some of the benefits of being based in Wembley?

Colin of 3 Bears: Firstly there is the local community; then there is the fact that this community happens to be a part of the Western Suburbs and it’s a wealthy area.  We’ve noticed that many of our competitors have disappeared;  I think because we have continued to innovate, like having a well branded, on-line presence, our business continues to thrive, even through tough times.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are local to Wembley?

Colin of 3 Bears: About 30% of our customers are western suburbs based.  We have many interstate customers who travel to our store to source the Desigual brand.  Our online customers make up about 25% of our business and this is rapidly growing.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are loyal and regular to your business?

Colin of 3 Bears: That’s hard to say.  A large majority come back because we stock lovely clothes (my wife has a good eye for buying the right stock).  People come in because they experience honest customer service and it’s a good chance to have a chat with a familiar face.

I would agree with Colin on that one; I have always enjoyed the friendliness of 3 Bears when I have visited the store and as for the quality of the clothing, it is second to none.  Check out their website at: . You won’t be disappointed.

As I shake Colin’s hand upon leaving, I continue on my journey to meet with more of Wembley’s business people.

Next stop, Body Brazil, Day Spa and Beauty.

As I enter this quaint little shop-front day spa, I am warmly greeted by Carla Da Silva, a beautiful woman, impeccably dressed and ever so friendly who is the owner of this one year old business.

Scope: What is Body Brazil’s business activity?

Carla of Body Brazil: We provide beauty therapy services, manicures, pedicures and waxing (Brazilian especially; whilst it’s not the only thing we do, our name suggests that this is a speciality).  We also offer spray tanning, IPL for hair, pigmentation and vascular purposes.

Scope: How long has Body Brazil been in Wembley?

Carla of Body Brazil: For one year.  Business is going well with 5 star reviews from our customers on Facebook.

Scope: What made you position your business in Wembley?

Carla of Body Brazil: Well, I live in City Beach so I was looking for something reasonably close to home.  I discovered Wembley was a good suburb in which to establish my business because of its central location and the residents of Wembley seem to be affluent enough to afford my services.

Scope: What are some of the benefits of being based in Wembley?

Carla of Body Brazil: Location for sure; there is a lot of traffic that flows along Cambridge Street.  That and the fact that it is a wealthy area.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are local to Wembley?

Carla of Body Brazil: Most of them are local; I would say about 80-90%.  Because I am from Brazil and because of the name of my business, many of my customers are Brazilian so my name has spread via word of mouth amongst the Brazilian community.  Many of my clients come from FB too.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are loyal and regular to your business?

Carla from Body Brazil: 97% of my customers are loyal and return monthly.

I left Body Brazil feeling very relaxed and ready to book myself in for a pampering treatment, such was the hospitality that Carla offered me.  You can find more about Body Brazil’s services at

Heading westbound, back towards Scope Realty’s offices, my last stop is at Diamond Craft Jewellers.  The bright yellow street frontage of this miniature 1940’s, street-front shop reflects the sunny, welcoming personality of Trent Malkin, the owner of this wonderful treasure-trove of high quality bespoke pieces.

Scope: What is your business’ name?

Trent of Diamond Craft: “Diamond Craft”.  I craft jewellery for people; the name intimates the personal process that this is.  Buying jewellery should be a happy, pleasant experience.  I want my customers to approach a project once and once only, because the job has been done properly.

Scope: What is Diamond Craft’s business activity?

Trent of Diamond Craft: A manufacturing jeweller.  I hand make fine jewellery bringing 34 years’ experience to the table. This is my passion; when a customer seeks me out, they are passionate about what they want me to make.  So my focus is on creating a piece that reflects that passion, rather than on making “budget”.

Scope: How long has your business been in Wembley?

Trent of Diamond Craft: I left Cottesloe and relocated to this 1940’s building in Wembley, 17 years ago.

Scope: What made you position your business in Wembley?

Trent of Diamond Craft: The opportunity to move here was presented to me so I took it.

Scope: What are some of the benefits of being based in Wembley?

Trent of Diamond Craft: Looking back Diamond Craft has enjoyed a steady trade since being in Wembley.  Rents are cheaper than in Cottesloe and my premises are very central with plenty of convenient parking around.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are local to Wembley?

Trent of Diamond Craft: My clients come from everywhere.  Mostly local and some interstate.  Many are western suburbs based who have been referred by happy customers.

Scope: What percentage of your customers are loyal and regular to your business?

Trent of Diamond Craft: Much of my business is repeat business.

During our meeting, Trent showed me a piece that he had recently finished for a client; my jaw hit the floor when I looked at a magnificent stone (a sapphire) set amongst an array of top quality smaller stones that dazzled even my inexperienced eye (when it comes to knowing good stones from less good stones that is).  The weight of this piece was astounding and the workmanship excellent.

Trent exhibited such excitement and pride in his work; his engaging and thoughtful personality made me realise how important it is to bring a love of what you do to bear, no matter what business you choose to do in life, as it is this quality to which customers attract  and this quality that produces spectacular results.

To see Trent’s work, go to

To sum up, Wembley’s business community is a surprising mix of people from vastly different backgrounds, who offer excellence in their respective arenas.  The common thread amongst all those that I met on this journey was the commitment to bring a little ray of sunshine into the lives of their customers.

Little wonder that the vibe along the Wembley strip is comfortable, happy and a-buzz with potential and optimism, even during quieter times such as we are experiencing at the moment.  It is a great community to be a part of.

In our next blog, Scope is going to offer some insight into the values of both residential and commercial properties in the Wembley and surrounding areas.  Looking forward to seeing you again soon 🏡🌞🌊

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Scope continues its journey through this charming Western suburb


Thanks for joining us again.  Good to have you back as we continue to weave our way through this great suburb of Wembley.

Our focus today is on the leisure activities that are available to everyone in and near to Wembley and also to share some observations about the lifestyle that one would very likely experience, if one chose to live here.

With WA offering a beautiful and mostly reliable climate (recent summer excluded!), it stands to reason that we are able to spend much of our recreational time outdoors.  For some that may mean a game of golf, or a game of lawn bowls; others may prefer to swim a few laps or indeed take a walk or a jog along the many walking paths that are available to us.  One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of options.

I recently visited Wembley Golf Course.  Wow!  What an amazing facility!  Awesome is another word that springs to mind.  I was blown away by the sheer scale of the venue; goodness knows how many times I have driven past the golf course and not, until now, have I ventured in to take a closer look.  Glad I did.

Not only are the needs of the committed golfers more than adequately taken care of, with 2 outstanding 18 hole public golf courses available, set among beautiful Australiana bush-land and boasting pristine Kikuyu fairways and bent grass greens, but there is also a mini golf course available for the more leisure-oriented adult player and children alike.

Do not be fooled though by the idea of a “mini golfing” facility.  Wembley Golf Course has gone to town by creating an 18 hole, incredibly high quality landscaped, miniature golf course which as their website comments “represents a scaled down version of a full size golf course taking into account tee and hole placement and featuring lavish landscape.”

Open to the public is also the impressive Swing Driving Range.  I have only ever seen these kinds of facilities when watching James Bond movies or the like…the facility is fully automated and houses 80 bays on two levels – and get this, each bay delivers an individual ball to one’s tee as well as offering the option to control tee-height with the use of touch screen technology!  I kid you not!

If you haven’t considered golf as a leisure activity for yourself, I can assure you that one visit to Wembley Golf Course will make a convert of you by the time you leave.

So, moving on, and as we leave Wembley Golf Course and head east down The Boulevard, the next place we arrive at is the beautifully refurbished Bold Park Aquatic.  Strictly speaking this facility does not reside in Wembley, (its official address is City Beach) but it is close enough to be included in this article as driving from Wembley to the pool would take only a matter of a minute.

 What I find impressive about these facilities is how thoughtfully their respective designs have retained so much of the surrounding natural Australian flora and fauna.  Much like the Golf Course, Bold Park Aquatic is set in tranquil bush-land in which the local bird life thrive.  (I must add that parking here is a breeze with the said trees offering excellent shade in the hotter months.)

 I am a regular swimmer at this pool and each time I take a mini break at the end of a lap to catch my breath, I enjoy hearing and seeing the birds having fun up in the branches of the surrounding trees; much nicer than looking at hard, cold concrete as I’m sure you would agree.

The facility offers heated pools for swimming, leisure and fitness, and the new indoor area is ideal for kiddies and adults who are learning or who simply want to keep out of the sun’s rays or indeed the cooler temperatures during winter/spring.

 The other striking feature is the use of greenery in the foyer with a resplendent wall garden that seems to bring a relaxing hush to the entrance, not to mention a wonderful way to keep the air clean.

 So let’s keep on keeping on and make our way towards the stunning Lake Monger, home to a plethora of bird life, and upon whose banks sits the Lake Monger Bowling Club.

Now, this place has some history.  It was established in September of 1958 with 340 foundation members.  The official opening of the club was October 3rd, 1964 and at that time had a membership of 560 people (320 men and 240 women). Today, the club has over 800 members.  That’s impressive!

Offering 3 full-sized greens (two are synthetic and one is grass), each with 6 rinks, one can enjoy a game during the day-time or night-time, under lights.  Whether it is mid-week, Saturday pennants or social bowls, Lake Monger Recreation Club welcomes everyone.  It certainly hasn’t lost its “old-world” charm.

Bowls is no longer a sport for the older generation; people of all ages enjoy it these days which is great to see. (I remember a friend of mine who was in his 20’s at the time, winning a pre-paid funeral when he won his bowling club’s annual bowls competition – he was stoked!)

Besides these few examples of places to go to enjoy leisurely activities in and around Wembley, there are of course plenty of other outdoor activities available. For example, on my way to the office of a morning, I witness many people on their bikes cycling around Lake Monger and plenty of walkers and runners enjoying the same pathways.

The distance around Lake Monger, of 3.27kms, offers the average runner a decent challenge with a lovely view to boot; I didn’t realise just how popular the lake is with my research uncovering that up to 12,000 visitors are attracted to the lake per week!


Before European settlement the indigenous Noongar people of the south-western region called the area Keiermulu which translates to ‘the home fires or camp’, or Lake Galup or Lake Kalup.  After European settlement, it became known as either Large Lake or Triangle Lake (based on its roughly triangular shape) before being named Monger’s Lake in 1831. In April 1932 it was changed to its current name of Lake Monger.

Suffice to say that living in Wembley offers many advantages.  For example and perhaps quite obviously, its proximity to the city, which is fabulously convenient for those choosing to work there, not to mention it’s easy reach to the beach and the places featured in this article.

Aside from geography, Wembley has a lot of natural beauty too; even with population growth, Wembley still remains quiet, community spirited and unblemished.  A great place to raise a young family.  That said, many of its residents have remained loyal to the suburb for many decades.  On our letter drops, we have met many who have lived here for over a half century and who have plenty of stories to share of their younger years and how things used to be.


Ricky comments “meeting the residents of Wembley, on my letter-drop walks, is one of the highlights of my job!  I find it fascinating to hear peoples’ stories about times gone by and how much things have changed.”

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks to bring you more insight about Wembley when our focus will be about the business people who make Wembley tick and what it is that made them choose Wembley as their “home-base”.   Looking forward to seeing you again soon.  Until then…🏡🌞🌊

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Come and take a closer look with Scope, at the wonderful world of Wembley…you never know, you may want to come and live here…


During the coming autumn months, we are going to throw the spotlight on our stomping ground of Wembley.  As you know, Scope Realty is located in the heart of this delightful suburb, with our premises facing onto Cambridge Street at the Western end.

From our vantage point we enjoy watching the changes and development that are slowly going on around us, which contribute to Wembley becoming the thriving, happy hub of which we are all a part.

Gathering information about Wembley’s history, including how the suburb has been shaped over the years, the beautiful properties it is home to and the type of lifestyle it offers its residents, has been eye opening; a lot more goes on in one’s own back yard than one may realise.  Discovering Wembley has been a fulfilling and fun process.

So let’s get down to business.

Here are some of the basics, which you probably know but, for the sake of presenting as full a picture as possible, I will include it.


Where is Wembley?

As a western suburb of Perth, Wembley’s greater portion is located within the Town of Cambridge and has the postcode is 6014.  Its main streets include Cambridge Street, (which was originally named after Cambridge University in England – well I never knew that!), Harborne Street, Grantham Street and Selby Street.

The smaller portion of Wembley falls within the City of Stirling and is rich in natural beauty with features including Herdsman Lake and Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre. It also includes the multi-use regional reserve Glendalough Open Space which sits adjacent to Lake Monger and Herdsman Lake.



Wembley is part of the original crown land AJ Lakes, Perthshire of 100 acres granted to Thomas Hunt on June 24, 1842.  In the early days of the Swan River Colony, the area surrounding Herdsman Lake and Lake Monger was known as the Large Lakes of the Perthshire district.

Most of the area surrounding Herdsman Lake was used as market gardens. During the late 60’s and 70’s, owners were asked to give up the rear portion of their lots to the Crown and it was zoned Regional Open Space.  Additionally they were asked to give up a portion of land to create Moondine Drive, in return for a Residential R60 zoning.

This made way for the unit developments along Herdsman Parade, benefiting from its proximity to the Glendalough Shopping Centre and the Glendalough Train Station as well as close links to the City and schools. This has become one of the most densely populated suburban areas in Perth.



Which brings us to demographics; according to the sources I researched, Wembley is considered to be an upper middle class, medium-density suburb (with just over 10,500 residents in 4.5km²).  Often described as a “family suburb” it is home to Bold Park Community School, Lake Monger Primary, Wembley Primary School and the Speech and Hearing Centre to name a few of its longer term educational facilities. Childcare facilities which sit on the boundary of the City of Stirling in Wembley are Alison’s Family Day Care and Mulberry Tree Childcare and Kindy.



As one of Perth’s oldest suburbs, Wembley boasts some of Perth’s most beautiful old growth trees, with branches often meeting over roads creating lovely, shady canopies. There are a plethora of rich green park lands as well, most offering kiddies playgrounds and ample space to lay a picnic rug, upon which to while away a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Driving up and down the lovely wide Wembley streets has enabled me to see why people gravitate to this lovely suburb; the spacious character homes usually of federation or art deco style, so associated with Australia’s history, exhibit large sweeping verandas and red clay tile rooves, and beautiful lead light windows; all these features contribute to the peaceful and contented ambience this suburb oozes.

 Prominent landmarks

When one thinks of any small yet growing town in historic Australia, one naturally thinks of the place where the town folk gathered for a chat and drink, i.e. “the local”.  Back in the day, The Wembley Hotel was no different and was popular with local and country holiday-makers.

Built at the terminus of the tram line, it was the extent of suburban development in 1932. The hotel was the departure point for expeditions along the ‘plank road’ to the beach.  A bit of trivia: Did you know that the first road from Perth to the beach was completed in 1918?  I for one, didn’t know this. This ‘plank road’ was the extension of Cambridge Street and followed the same route as today’s Oceanic Drive.

Having recently gone through an exciting face-lift, The Wembley Hotel is classified by the National Trust for its architectural significance in elements of Federation and Art Deco design.  The Wembley Hotel has stood the test of time and still boasts a great Sunday session too not to mention a relaxed atmosphere and great menu.

Another long term resident is the Herdsman Fresh, an iconic fresh produce market sitting within the Town of Cambridge and has been operating since 1979. Now known at The Herdsman, this wonderful shop delivers nothing but top quality produce with a good smattering of unusual culinary items from all over the world.  Steeped in history and delivering top service, this family run business is definitely one of Wembley’s highlights.

In our next blog we’ll continue the journey through Wembley and offer some insights into the recreational facilities and lifestyle qualities this suburb offers as well as some feedback from local business residents about what it’s like to be an active participant to this great place.  Until then…🏡🌞🌊

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We’ve had our own experience of what we consider to be the top 7, most comfortably casual yet awesome cafes, nestled along Perth’s pristine coastline.


We are so spoilt for choice here in WA!

Let’s face it, many people travel great distances to visit our wonderful city, to enjoy our incredible beaches and lifestyle and they pay good dollars to do so.

And we locals get to enjoy it on a daily basis….for free!

So just what is on our doorstep by way of easy going, good value and enjoyable hang-out places that serve great coffee (and tea) as well as delicious food?

Well, Scope Realty decided to spend its summer trying out some of the amazing places along our coastline in an attempt to find, in our opinion (humbly of course) some of the more tempting places to go, that epitomise the WA lifestyle, meaning, outdoorsy, beachy, fresh and contemporary with a good dose of down to earth.

So, in no particular order, this small selection of cafes are all great choices that deliver.


Voyage Kitchen – Sorrento

Who remembers Voyage Kitchen when it used to occupy only half of the premises that it currently occupies in Sorrento?  I remember eating at Voyage many years ago (as in more than 5 years – yes, way back) and their food was always amazing and it still is; (if I am not mistaken, it was one of the first cafes to promote their use of organic-only produce)?

Located bang opposite the beach, along West Coast Drive, just South of Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Voyage Kitchen just keeps on delivering.  With its delicious coffee, easy online booking system (highly recommended that you book well in advance as this place is no longer one of Perth’s secrets), and wonderful selection of food, a visit here is sure to satisfy.

What’s nice is that it sits next to several small local businesses so some window shopping, after eating, is always a good idea.  If I was to offer one criticism, it would be the challenge of parking.  It’s not a deterrent but it can be tricky.


Kailis at Trigg

What a make-over this place has had!  Stylish, high ceilings, lovely open and airy space with a ‘Hampton-esque’ feel to it, (quite a few places are opting for this type of décor at the moment – thinking – The Shore House in Swanbourne) and little wonder.  The style is casual yet elegant and enables people to enjoy lovely surroundings without them being overly stuffy; after all, it is truly a beachfront location and beach side means “let’s relax and enjoy ourselves”.

This glammed-up version of what used to be the Trigg Island Café certainly has brought a touch of class to the Trigg Beach Front; that coupled with the spacious car park and wonderful facilities for beach goers make it a go-to point along the coast. And you don’t have to go dine in – visit the kiosk next door which is equally as appealing in terms of its refreshments and food.  Living the WA lifestyle never looked so good.


Yelo Café – Trigg

This little beauty is one of our coast-line’s most popular haunts, for early risers exercise enthusiasts, dog lovers, in fact everyone who likes to enjoy great food and excellent coffee…their ice coffee is so delicious!

True to our WA lifestyle, Yelo Café welcomes its patrons with open arms, offering an environment that is fun, friendly and unpretentious whilst boasting lovely food that is really good for you.  There is always a hum in this little place and there is always a queue…but the staff are super organised and know how to keep things moving, so you’re never waiting for long.

Seating is simple and down to earth; best to just take-away really as the only bug bear here is parking…there is none!  My suggestion…grab your bike, go for a ride (preferably past Yelo), grab your coffee, grub (or whatever your palate yearns for) and take it with you to a place with more space to enjoy.

Another classic eatery that beckons you to come and enjoy the wonderful coast of WA.


Boho Espresso 

This hip and trendy little place, offering reputable coffee and spacious terraced sitting area, is yet another expression of the changes going on in Scarborough. This place is always buzzing with coffee consumers and those looking forward to good tasty food, and engaging with friendly and good humoured staff.

As its name suggests Boho Espresso has a bohemian feel with eclectic art work/furniture around the place.  A lot of young crew hang out here and enjoy the centrality of the location; its bang, smack in the middle of the Scarborough precinct and if you ask us, represents a sign of things to come once the Scarborough refurb is complete.  It’s great to see Scarborough coming alive with so much change and new places for its residents and tourists, to enjoy.


Scarborough Beach Bar

Talk about popular!  Each time we have visited this place it has been bustling.  It’s not been around for long and yet it still impresses with great food, prompt service and a view to die for… (Notwithstanding that the vista is mostly of redevelopment shenanigans at the moment, given the changes to the beachfront that are taking place).

The SBB seems to attract a broad range of people from the young to middle aged alike – there is always an eclectic crowd enjoying the wonderful food options or indeed the magnificent choices that sit behind the blue neon bar. Once again the service is friendly, efficient and welcoming.

Why is this representative of the WA lifestyle?  For just the aforementioned reason; it welcomes a broad cross section of people and delivers value for money.   Parking is a breeze too with the building being adjacent to the Wilson multi-storey Car Park and there being sufficient bays out the front (well, mostly if you are going there for breakfast or stopping by for a morning coffee).

Despite the obvious hit that this place is, (which shows up in the wear and tear that the décor has had to endure – it certainly looks lived in now), the SBB has become a favourite with the locals.


The Kiosk – Floreat Beach

Ahh!  This place rocks.  It’s such an easy going, down to earth and logical place to grab a bite, enjoy the breeze from the ocean (albeit it is purposely built to protect its guests from the full scale sea breezes) whilst sipping on a cold one   (yes, it is licensed). There are canopies overhead in the outdoor area and glass windows to protect from the elements (but you can still feel a nice breeze on a summer’s day) and as if that wasn’t enough, the outdoor section sprays a cool mist into the atmosphere which is refreshing particularly on those scorchers we now tend to get.

Definitely a family affair, this is the place to go when you’ve enjoyed a sunny day down at the beach, playing in the waves, building sandcastles and all of a sudden you realise you’re hungry.  Or, you’ve been out walking the dog, are passing by and the tummy is rumbling…no problem you and your dog are welcome!  That’s the spirit!

Get why we included this spot in our top 7?  Excellent!


The Hamptons

We’ve been to all the places at the New City Beach development (oops, perhaps not to Clancy’s so recently but we hear that it is still very good), and we love The Hamptons – see, there’s that influence again!

Breakfast here is first class; service here is friendly and accommodating; space is a plenty and the views are excellent.  Price is reasonable too.  Parking needs some work as the bays in front of the sister development, Odyssea, fill up quickly and the parking spaces closest to The Hamptons are insufficient for the number of people it can hold.

This place has more of an elegant tavern feel inside, rather than a true café feel (the café feel would be reserved for the front balcony area) and yet it offers that relaxed, open fun-loving WA atmosphere that we all love.  We were not rushed out of our seats to make way for other patrons, (which has often been the case with one of the venues in the new complex).

No, indeed, The Hamptons let us savour our time there and as a result we languished at our table for nearly two and a half hours, drinking tea (out of beautiful old fashioned tea cups no less) whilst loving the sunny blue skies and panoramic view of the Indian ocean and watching the numerous families lapping up the summer holidays along the beachfront.  Bliss!

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Are you thinking about buying a property in the near future? 💭

Or, maybe you ARE just about to buy a property? 🏡


If you answer “yes” to either or both of these questions, this article is likely to be helpful to you 👍


Well, we have compiled a list of the top 6 things to consider before commencing the property-buying process, so that when the day comes and you find “the one” (as in “the perfect place”), you are equipped with a strong foundation of information and as the saying goes, “all your ducks are in a row”.

Given that buying a property is likely to be the single most expensive purchase of your life, being prepared will definitely have its benefits.


1 Know what you can afford

It is highly recommended that you appoint a broker.

Why is this important?

“A reputable broker will work with you initially to do a financial “health check”. They will obtain information about your current financial situation and help you to structure things in such a way so you can meet your financial obligations without over-reaching” 

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse


We can’t stress enough that you seek to find a person that you trust.  Ask friends or family members if they know anyone that they could point you toward.  Shop around until you meet a broker who tells it “like it is”.

With this type of investment, you don’t want to take advice from anyone who may appear to be hamming things up, after all, you are the one who will be wearing this debt; you are the one who has to make the repayments.  So it is important that you receive honest feedback about what you can and cannot afford.

Brokers do the shopping around for you to ensure you secure the best rate available.  A broker worth their sort will also offer suggestions about how to best manage your repayment process so that you are still able to afford living a full and happy life and that your life doesn’t become all about paying off a mortgage.


2 Obtain pre-approved finance

When you have worked out with your broker what you can afford, your broker will then set about sourcing the best mortgage for you.  Your broker will get your finances pre-approved unconditionally, so that when you find that plum home, you can act decisively and with confidence knowing you have the financials in place to move quickly.  This is of particular value when you may have to attend an auction.


3 Work out where you want to live

Now that you know what you can afford you can start to investigate what is going on in the market, and have a closer look at the suburbs in which you would like to live.  This is the time to do your own market research.

If there are certain suburbs that you have in mind, you will need to work out what the median property prices are for those suburbs.

“To do this, spend time attending home opens, attend auctions and talk with the local real estate agents.” – Ricky Gee-Woolhouse


There are plenty of online facilities available through which you can obtain suburb data (see REIWA).  Also, visit the local suburbs’ shops and enjoy a coffee at the local café to see if you like the feel of a place.

Look closely at the infrastructure that may be planned for the suburb you are considering.  Visit the local Town Council to find out what may be on the cards in the short and medium terms that may influence your choice.

This is for a couple of reasons; the area you are looking at may be a quiet suburb now however, if there are changes afoot, (e.g. re-zoning) your dream suburb may be set to become less appealing due to it becoming a developers’ haven.

What may arise from your research is the realisation that the suburb you thought you wanted to live in is outside of your price range.  Keep your mind open and consider surrounding suburbs, where properties may be more affordable.

These ideas will help you to create your own insights into the suburbs that you’re considering for your next move or investment, so you can leap with confidence into your property-buying adventure.


4 Work out what type of property you want to live in

There are many things that you can consider when you buy a home.  Here are some items you may want to think about:

Do I want to live in a house on its own block, in a town house, in a villa complex or an apartment? Naturally these choices will be determined by your individual circumstances and personal preferences.

What do I need to be close to? (Schools or universities, major roads, public transport, shopping or entertainment hubs)

Will my outdoor activities be enhanced by the environment around me? (Local parks, beaches, cycle paths etc.).

How new or old will the property need to be? Do I prefer a low maintenance home so require a newer property or do I intend to put my DIY skills to good use so an older/established property is called for?


5 Talk to the experts

Much like finding the right mortgage broker, as discussed in the first point of this article, shop around and find an experienced real estate agent that you trust, (please click here to check out one of our recent blogs “The Ultimate Guide for Selecting Your Perfect Real Estate Agent”).

“When you are aligned with the right agent you can work collaboratively to source the very best property that meets all your needs.  Your rep will become someone upon whom you can rely to alert you to appropriate properties, inform you about wider related matters and generally have the local knowledge to help you when you have questions,” affirms Ricky.


 6 Be prepared when you go to inspect properties

Naturally, visiting and inspecting properties is a vital part of the home buying process. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your property inspection process (particularly when you’re viewing and comparing several properties).

Prepare a property checklist, separating essential features from non-essential features, and take it with you to home opens.  When you are at each home open, make detailed notes about each property. This will quickly reveal how each property stacks up against your requirements.

Items that are important to consider include structural integrity of the property, quality of the materials used throughout, house orientation on the lot, internal flow (how the rooms link together), amount of natural light, heating and cooling systems, landscaping, and street parking. 

If you notice any existing damage such as cracks on the walls or dripping gutters, rising damp, it is worth noting such items down. At the end of each inspection, rate the home out of 10 and do this for each home you visit.  Also, take a few photos (after visiting many houses you will begin to forget which aspects relate to which house).

If you find yourself interested in a property and you’re returning for a second visit, make sure you return at a different time of the day as compared to your initial visit. This will help you get a feel for the property, let’s say after sun down and experience other factors such as noise, street lighting and even internal lighting.

In short, there is nothing like being prepared.  Remember the five P’s;



Scope Realty is a real estate agency based in Wembley, Western Australia.  Its point of difference is that it is part of a group of companies which combined, bring all services relating to the buying and selling of property, under the one roof.

With that in mind, if you are ready for a financial health check to get your house buying adventure underway, then Scope has one of WA’s most reputable Mortgage Brokers available to assist you in that process.

You can reach Mark Wilkins of Mortgage Choice on 0412 886 621 or if your finance is already in place and you require the services of Wembley’s most innovative real estate agent, contact Ricky Gee-Woolhouse on 0412 656 184.


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The Top 10 Suburbs To Live In Perth….


…And yes, this article is totally subjective!

…And yet, it will offer you some insight about some of the ‘burbs we love to spend our time in…

…And in which we love to sell houses!

City Beach



If ever I was to declare a suburb soft spot, City Beach would be it!  I love this place!

A beachside suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the Town of Cambridge, City Beach offers a vibe that mixes old school and new; old money and new money; old properties and new properties; with lovely big blocks and many tree-lined streets and massive parkland spaces between properties.

City Beach is one of those suburbs that hasn’t been carved up and jammed pack with houses, one on top of each other…it feels as though one can breathe here.  There is a casual yet classy sense of nostalgia to the place.

And the suburb keeps on giving, with recent community additions like Odyssea Beach Café and the state of the art Surf Club not to mention the brand new shopping centre on The Boulevard called Empire Village which is just having the finishing touches added.

To quote a line out of The Castle, “It’s the vibe!” 

City Beach has it…across all of its locations, north, south and central City Beach; come and have a look; it’ll put a smile on your face.



Never before has a suburb with so much to offer, seen so much change in such a short space of time. 

Right now, Scarborough is going through a transition – it is coming into its own; it is morphing from an ugly duckling with heaps of personality into a beautiful swan oozing style and grace. 

With one of the most centrally located beaches along the Western suburbs corridor, Scarborough is a vibrant, eclectic destination that enjoys a relaxed and playful ambience.

With a history of housing some of Perth’s most committed surfies, Scarborough’s new population includes first time home buyers, seasoned property owners along with holiday makers who flock to the suburbs vast selection of holiday accommodation. Naturally this is offset by some wonderful eateries and entertainment venues that all beckon with some of WA’s excellent produce and good old fashioned Aussie service.  Never a dull moment in Scarb’s with its vibrant surf lifesaving activities and fabulous proximity to just about anywhere in Perth.



Swanbourne is a western coastal suburb of Perth, which is an affluent, upper middle class locale with older Federation style homes, many being renovated. 

Tucked away between Cottesloe and just south of South City Beach, privacy is certainly its motto.  It was only recently in fact, that I went for my first drive through its tree lined streets, and was wowed by its character, peacefulness and beautiful streetscapes.

“I can’t believe I’ve never taken the time to look more closely at this suburb before now” I thought to myself, as I slowly drove through its unpretentious manicured streets.  Its serene ambience and eclectic array of properties both large and small, modern and old, some completely open to see and others tastefully fenced off, appealed to my sense of diversity.

Whilst there are a handful of lovely eateries to visit, Swanbourne is a place you arrive at to live and enjoy an understated luxurious lifestyle, rather than congregate to find entertainment…which suits me down to the ground.



Cottesloe is a beach-side suburb of Perth in Western Australia. It is located roughly halfway between Perth central business district and the port of Fremantle. It is famous for its beaches, cafes and relaxed lifestyle.

Even if you have never visited Western Australia, chances are, if you have ever hopped on to the internet to find out about what goes on in WA, you will have seen a picture of the iconic Cottesloe strip along with the infamous Indiana Tea House shining brightly in the summer sunset rays, along the coast.  Who wouldn’t want to spend time here after seeing such a beautiful picture?

Cottesloe is a place to be seen…if you like that kind of thing.  Drenched in wonderful places to enjoy good food, great coffee and to chill out during the heady summertime, one is hard pressed to find a place cooler than this to live, laugh and be merry.  Second on the list of Perth’s most expensive properties, Cottesloe is a place you come to enjoy the fruits of your labour…its beaches are pristine and the vibe is relaxed and sumptuous. 



Fringed by Scarborough, Doubleview, Innaloo, Wembley Downs and Churchlands, the small and unassuming suburb of Woodlands is a mere 10 mins from the CBD and 5 mins from the beach. It’s close to everything. 

Woodlands is a pretty place with a quiet, family feel to it and with the lovely appeal of having a power-pole free street scape; yes, Woodlands is one of the few suburbs that has gone the distance and has underground power – if only other suburbs would follow suit! It is so pleasing to the eye.

In the heart of Woodlands is the beautiful Jack Adder Lake, which one could call the “hub of the community” with a vast array of wild life and a myriad grassy reserves for the community to enjoy, not to mention plenty of cycle paths if you enjoy walking, jogging cycling or dog walking – Woodlands has its very own dog walking sub culture going on. 

Children’s playgrounds are plentiful and in the sunny months you will find a healthy quota of people sailing their miniature remote control sail boats on the lake and families enjoying picnics either on the lake’s edge or at the well-appointed barbeque areas.

I’ve oftentimes commented on the lovely neighbourly spirit of the suburb. It could almost be described as idyllic…a place you can retreat to from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.



Did you know that the first road from Perth to the beach was completed in 1918?  This ‘plank road’ was the extension of Cambridge Street through Floreat. Today it is called Oceanic Drive. 

This is only a snippet of Floreat’s extensive history, a history that is reflected throughout its many classic older style properties sitting on untouched, large size blocks, interspersed with an abundance of parkland and mature trees, not to mention the 1000 acres of land between Floreat and City Beach that was set aside for parkland, previously known as the Thousand Acre Park before being renamed Bold Park in 1944.

“We love living in Floreat” says one of its residents that we met during a recent walkabout.  “It is only 3 minutes to the best beaches in the world (City Beach and Floreat Beach), 5 minutes to Subiaco and 10 or 15 minutes to town with regular public transport available.  It has a good selection of shops, people are very friendly, and there are some lovely parks for kids and families to enjoy picnics.  On top of that it has good schools nearby.

Lots of people walk their dogs and prams around and the community spirit is alive and well with people usually stopping for a hello or chat.



Break out the surfboard! Don the zinc! Alert the lifeguards!  Into the waters we go to enjoy the amazing surf breaks along WA’s pristine coast-line with one of its main attractions easily being the expansive Trigg Beach.

I have heard many an enthusiastic surfer, board under arm, exclaim, as they emerge from the crystal blue waters “Trigg is the best suburb to live in! Where else can you enjoy this on your doorstep?” Their reference being to the summer-time shifting sand that fills the channel between the Blue Hole and Trigg Point take off point, for a long continuous wave ride to Trigg Beach!  What joy!

Trigg is like a present day replica of those times gone by, of small coastal villages with great beachside cafes, beautiful beaches and a nice neighbourhood to boot.  It is a small and tidy suburb with a beautiful coastline running along it.

The only difference now though is that many people (both residents and visitors from other places) frequent the area to enjoy its amazing ocean views whilst walking along the pathways with their dogs or for fitness or to cycle and optimise their intake of the fresh ocean air.

Trigg also has a snorkelling beach, Mettam’s Pool, which is to the north of the main surf/swim area, a great little bay for families with kiddies to while away the hours on a warm summer’s day.



It reminds me of a happy village with an eclectic mix of eateries, local fashion, and great coffee shops…the list goes on.  I say “village” as Leederville has always had its own personality.

To me, it is reminiscent of a local village in England, you know, where they play wonderfully original movies at the local village hall (Luna), Mrs Bloggs makes great cakes and coffee at the local café (Foam), and the pubs are always alive and laughing with everyone calling each other by first names (Fibber McGee’s).  In short there is always something going on.

It is quirky by nature and offers a colourful and vibrant atmosphere where community spirit meets budding enterprise.  And to top it off, it has a broad selection of properties from apartment living to old school federation bungalows to modern day two stories…Leederville has it all!



Scope Realty’s offices are located in the leafy green suburb of Wembley.  And we love it here.  Our offices are one of many that are stretched along the length of Cambridge Street which together, create a vibrant and happening atmosphere of this suburb which is currently going through its own metamorphosis.

As a resident, Wembley is a traditional leafy suburb where you aren’t always checking to make sure you have locked the doors whilst inside. Whilst it doesn’t have any nightlife (besides the newly renovated Wembley Hotel which always welcomes newbies and regulars alike) you will need to travel only a couple of kilometres to Subiaco or into town.

Much like its sister suburb of Floreat, Wembley is a true neighbourhood where you’ll make plenty of friends.  It offers great parks and lakes for the outdoors enthusiasts; it is home to Herdsman Lake where you’ll always find people cycling, running or jogging. And, for those who like to get their hands dirty, it’s dynamic with lots of opportunities to renovate the older ‘California Bungalow’ style homes or do a re-build.

Yep, we rate this place…its easy going and central to most of the lifestyle choices that Perth offers its entire community.

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Is there a process I can follow when it comes to selecting a real estate agent?


Good news, the answer is “Yes”. 👍

This blog is designed to help you do just that. 😎


It is a handy guide to help you select the very best real estate agent to handle the sale of your home.

John Hughes from Skipper Mitsubishi has been strongly suggesting for quite some time now, through his radio and TV media advertising, to “Choose your dealer before you choose your car

And the message is spot on! 

Before you put your home on the market, align yourself with a person who understands you and who has your best interests at heart…and the rest will take care of itself.

So how do you do that?

Firstly, we’d suggest compiling a short list of potential agents:

  1. Speak with your family and friends and find out which agents they have recently dealt with and if they would refer them on to you for you to consider
  2. Google search for the agents who operate in your local area
  3. Do research on the local agents that you find and in so doing, ask the following questions:

“How many listings have they sold in your area?”

“How many listings do they currently have in your area?”

Read their website to get a feel for the way they do business – “does their style appeal to you?”

How many times have you seen their property ‘For Sale’ signs?

Have you visited the REIWA website and plugged in the agents’ name to find out about their performance stats?

Consider the key characteristics that you are looking for (punctuality, good listening skills, preparedness, excellent presentation, keen eye for detail) – these are subtle things that will give you the confidence that your business is in good hands.

4. Next, telephone the shortlisted agents and to make an appointment to meet with them. The purpose of this meeting will be for the agent to present him/herself to you and to discuss how they will go about the property-selling process.  This is an important call so be prepared before calling.

During this call, make a note of how the agent discusses your enquiry with you as this will be indicative of how they will be dealing with potential buyers of your property. Make a note of how “complete” the call feels. Be prepared for your face to face meeting and approach the interview the same way you would hiring any other professional to handle important business for you.


“Selling a home is an important transaction, and sellers should probe deeper to find out why one agent is better suited, compared to another agent”

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

So now we arrive at the face to face meeting with the potential agents.

Here are some excellent questions to ask:


Tell me about your experience

You should look for agents with enough experience to comfortably handle deals from listing to closing. Equally important, agents need to know the area and have familiarity with the local inventory. So, ask agents about their recent listings.


How do you plan to market the listing?

Ask how the agent plans to market your home.  This is part of your basic due diligence process.

Sellers really need to ask agents how they plan to market their home to attract the greatest number of potential buyers. If you can fully understand the agent’s process for marketing your listing you will then be able to track how the process is progressing as it unfolds”.

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse


Helpful to this process is to check out the agent’s marketing track record. By looking at past listings, sellers can see how well the agent raises a home’s visibility, particularly via online methods. 

Most buyers find their home through Internet listings these days so it is imperative that you make sure the agent you hire understands the importance of internet marketing.  Check their website for quality photos and/or videos used to promote their listings.  Virtual tours are now very popular online marketing tools, so make sure you see each agents’ offering in this area.

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

How will you communicate with me?

Given the amount of time you will be speaking with your agent it is important to establish how your agent will likely contact you and by which medium. It’s a very good idea to go over your communication framework before you hire an agent, so that your expectations are heard and the agent has a chance to communicate back to you about their normal practice.

If you give this part of the process some thought and work out how you prefer to communicate, when it is time to sit down with an agent and you clearly express your preferences, the response to those preferences can then be clearly gauged.

Note: Be aware of the way in which the agent engages with you during the selection stages.  This will be indicative of how they will likely work with you during the selling process.


What do you know about home loans?

Now this is a question that has the potential to offer you direct insight into an agent’s breadth of experience, if you are able to find an agent who has a solid grasp of home financing then you are definitely on to a winner; loan issues can make or break a deal.”

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse



“For a home sale to go smoothly, you need a buyer to be aligned with a reputable and reliable lender to secure their home loan, otherwise you could end up dealing with settlement delays or the whole deal could fall through”.

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

“In a perfect world, buyers should have their finances in order before they make an offer. But realistically, a good seller’s agent can salvage a deal if they’re financially fluent and well-connected with quality lenders. That’s why you should always ask a potential agent what they know about home loans before you hire them. It certainly can’t hurt to secure pre-approval from a mortgage lender.

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

What are your stats?

It’s one thing to ask this question and another to know what statistics would be most useful to you when selecting an agent to represent you.

  • List-to-sale ratio (the formula for this is the final sale price divided by the most recent listing price, times 100). This ratio will help you to determine how effectively an agent is at pricing a property measured against what a property actually sells for.  Understanding this percentage will help you determine if the agent is knowledgeable about relevant property values and is not inflating the price just to obtain the listing.
  • ii) An equally important stat is how long the agent’s listings stay on the market.

The average number of days a property stays on the market reflects an agent’s ability to price appropriately.  It also says a lot about their effectiveness at marketing.

“Should you find an agent who’s listed properties are on the market for a below-average amount of time, then the chances are that the agent is an expert and will handle your property sale expediently”

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse


Naturally, the average list time is relative and varies from suburb to suburb.  Do your homework so that you can measure performance. It’s a good idea to speak with multiple agents in order to put that stat in context.

 Scope Realty delivers a unique suite of services to support you in the home selling/buying process.  Scope Realty is closely aligned with one of Australia’s most awarded Mortgage Finance Broking companies, Mortgage Choice.  In fact, Ricky Gee-Woolhouse, Scope’s Principal, is also a fully accredited Mortgage Broker who brings full membership to the MFAA. So, with Scope ALL your real estate buying and selling needs can be met under the one roof.

Contact us today to book your complimentary home appraisal. 


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This is the ultimate guide for EVERYTHING you need to know before putting your property on the market.


We’ve outlined our Top 5 Sequential Steps that you can follow that will help make the pre-listing aspect of selling your home a simple process…

Don’t confuse this with being easy however!

Preparing to sell your home requires a degree of focus and a willingness to put in some work. So here goes…


 1. Have a plan

Create a selling plan for your home.  Ask yourself and then write down the answers to these questions:

Why am I selling my home?

What do I want to gain from selling it?

What are my current financial commitments on the property?

When do I want to have it sold by?

What is my home’s comparable value in today’s market?

What work should I do on the property to optimise its sale?

Answering these questions will give you an immediate starting point from which to plan the process going forward.

When you are clear about why you’re selling, the financial return you want to make on the sale, the timeframe in which you would ideally like to sell it by etc. you are setting up the process coming from a position of strength.

These questions set in motion the required research and subsequent actions you need to address to achieve your desired outcomes. Additionally, this kind of planning will enable your agent of choice to act efficiently on your behalf.

“Having a well thought out selling plan shows your agent your level of motivation and tells your agent how to go about looking after your best interests”

Mark Grisdale


A winter’s afternoon at a secluded Mosman Park lookout.


2. Know what your property is worth

Even if you have a rough idea of what your home should list for, the savviest sellers will check comparable home values before meeting with a listing agent.

“It doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Familiarise yourself with local market conditions remembering that the market will have changed since you bought your home.  This information gathering will also assist you in the agent selection process; being armed with current market knowledge will help you assess which agent is best informed about your area.”

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

 3. Understand the connection between price & presentation

Realise how the presentation of your home influences the price you can ask for it. 

If you notice that there are a few jobs that need doing, both inside and out, then attend to them.

Buyers always see the little things that can be improved on.

To do this most effectively, walk around your home looking at your property as if you were the buyer; allow yourself to see what needs attention.

Whatever it is you see, guaranteed, someone else will see it too. 

Don’t ignore anything! Now is the time to make that list of things that need to be fixed or improved on and to do them.


“Price and presentation go hand in hand,”  “This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  If there is no connection between the two, there is no traction which in this context, could mean no sale or at best, a long drawn out sales process”.

“If the agent believes your home is fantastic, they will be persuaded to market it at a higher value and the enthusiasm quota will be high. If not and the agent is convinced it’s a dump, you are opening yourself up to hearing what you don’t want to hear; a lower price than you may expect; any agent worth their sort will tell you the truth about the value of your home

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

4. Clean like there is no tomorrow

So, all those cosmetic jobs are sorted and the property is in top working order.

Now it is time to clean like you’ve never cleaned before.

Clean! Clean like a crazy person! Clean!

 “Think of it as making a great first impression. If the windows sparkle, the carpets are clean, the lawn is mowed and the house smells fresh and inviting, you are on a winning path to enticing the right buyer”.

Mark Grisdale


This is usually a good time to have a big clear out too.

Ditch those old pieces of furniture that are making various spaces look cluttered.

Tidy out the wardrobes and get rid of the things you no longer need; get rid of the mountains of excess paper that may be piling up in your office.  In short, make room. 

Space clearing is therapeutic and gives a feeling of being able to move and breathe. 

When you eventually invite people through your home, they too will sense the feeling of space and freedom to move around. Any opportunity you can create for your potential buyers to “enjoy” the experience of your home, is a step closer to achieving your goal of selling.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the outside of your property.  

Do the weeding, pressure hose the driveway and the paved areas, make sure the pool (if you have one) is so enticing that just by looking at it, you feel like going in for a dip.  Blower vac the leaves from around your property.

All this effort will go a long way; people always gravitate to an environment that has the feeling it has been cared for. It’s human nature.


 5. Choosing your “Invisible Man”

Invisible man…

What do you mean by this? I hear you say.

Read on…

Make the effort to learn how to find the best real estate agent.  This means being clear about what you are looking for.

For example, you want a Real Estate agent who will:

  • Demonstrate timeliness in getting back to you
  • Listen carefully and understand where you are coming from
  • Clearly communicate the process involved to sell your home

And, maybe the most important quality:

  • Be totally transparent the whole way through (i.e. be bold enough to let you know if you’re expectations are skewed in some way or if you need to do some extra tidying up etc.).

Do your homework about how to choose the right person to steer you through this process.

 We can’t stress enough the importance of finding a real estate agent who is going to efficiently lead you through the sales process with total dedication, focus and clarity.

To help you with this, here are some questions to consider using when you are initiating conversations with a short list of agents that you are going to choose from:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • What geographic areas and types of properties do you handle?
  • How will you communicate with me?
  • Can you share references?
  • What will it cost me to sell this property?

These questions can help you get a sense of the agent’s process and personality, but the right decision may depend on your instinctive reaction.

“Follow your intuition. If they feel too slick, it’s not a good sign. It’s a good sign when you find an agent who can tell it like it is.”

Ricky Gee-Woolhouse

Interested in selling? Contact Scope Realty to book your complimentary obligation free property appraisal.

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