refinancing debt consolidation

Home loans are often one of those things we put all our efforts into to arrange, only to then put to the back of our minds knowing all we need to do is to have enough money in the account at  the time of a mortgage payment. If that is where one's thinking ends, you could be doing yourself out of huge savings over the course of your loan period.

Due to interest rate movements, home package variations and unadvertised lender promotions that banks introduce at different times, you could be missing out on extra benefits or savings on mortgage repayments if you don’t review your mortgage on a yearly basis.

Speak with our mortgage consultants who are skilled in being able to quickly understand your current home loan product to then set about seeing if there are new home loan packages available that may be a better fit to your current work/lifestyle offering you lower monthly repayments as well.

Due to the low interest rates for home loans, by consolidating all your high interest bearing debts into one home loan product may save you thousands of dollars per year in repayments. Our mortgage consultants are able to quickly calculate the savings you are able to make. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have us find this out for you.