the skinny on scope

The Skinny on Scope

An insight into the workings of Wembley’s newest real estate agency and why it is “working”.

As Spring returns to our shores and as Scope Realty approaches its 18 month birthday, we thought it appropriate to remind you of the services that we offer so that you understand how easy our group of businesses make it for you to buy or sell property whilst fully supporting you as you transition from one life chapter to the next.

Let us explain.  If you click on this link you will see a diagram which depicts the unique structure of our group of businesses.  The diagram includes:


Scope Realty

At the centre of the diagram is Scope Realty, a boutique real estate agency set up by owner/Principal Ricky Gee-Woolhouse and employing the awesome 20+ years’ experience of Mark Grisdale (Licensee-Sale Consultant).

Already the Scope Realty name is becoming familiar around Perth, simply because our approach when working with people, is one of complete transparency; people know where they stand with us and that goes a long way to developing trust.

“We do our best to appraise properties honestly, to listen to our clients receptively and to meet agreed outcome expediently”, comments Ricky.  “It’s a simple formula that works.”

With both Ricky and Mark bringing a combined 50 years business expertise to the table, its little wonder that we are experiencing consistent referral business.  Some of the testimonials that have been offered to us reflect the good job we are doing:

“Great agent! Mark was friendly, easy going and very responsive to our requests throughout the whole process.  A bottle of champagne with the handover of keys was a very nice touch.”                                                                                         Jason

“I’ve found Scope Realty to be extremely professional and would highly recommend them.  Their service has been second to none”                                                                                                                                                                                  Julie

“It was a pleasure dealing with Ricky. He helped me purchase my first new home and it all went smoothly from the second I met him. He’s very friendly, helpful and professional. Thanks Ricky!”                                                                              Simone

Not only that but with Ricky being a fully qualified mortgage broker as well as a qualified realtor, customers have had the luxury of drawing from his vast broking knowledge to support choices they have had to make during the buy/sell process.  Finding such a combination of qualifications is rare and offers our customers another reason to place their confidence in us.

Talking about Mortgage Broking conveniently leads me to our next group business.


Mortgage Broking

What name immediately springs to mind when you think about Mortgage Broking?

It would have to be Mortgage Choice, right?

And why wouldn’t it be?  Mortgage Choice has been one of Australia’s leading mortgage aggregators since its inception in 1992.

Co-owner of our group, (along with Ricky), is Mark Wilkins who is at the helm of our mortgage broking business. The word “expert” springs to mind when describing Mark’s prowess as a Finance Broker, having honed his skills over 17 years and developing a loan book that would make your head spin.

So what made us combine a real estate business alongside a broking business?

Well, if you think about it, both businesses complement each other.

And, if they complement each other, imagine what they will do for you.

Picture this!

Let’s imagine that you attend a Scope Realty home open.  You like the property and decide that you want to make an offer.  You also need to sort out finance.  When discussing this with Ricky, when writing up the offer, and because of his finance broking experience, he clearly understands what needs to happen next to get your finance process started.

He refers you to Mark, who very adeptly, comes to grips with your information letting you know your borrowing power.  Mark clearly advises which would be the best financial lender for your particular requirements.

The process is seamless and efficient, eliminating the need for you to journey around wondering who to engage.

But, the process doesn’t just work in that direction.

Let’s say your first port of call is an approach to Mark because you want to understand your financial situation and to have a clear picture of your potential borrowing power.  During that discussion you raise the subject of your interest in selling (or buying) a property.

In this instance, Mark will introduce you to Ricky who will carefully walk you through the process of selling/buying a property; you can rest easy in the knowledge that your needs are being fully addressed, underpinned with certainty about your financial position.

“Your peace of mind is top of our mind.”

Which leads me to our next business:


Financial Planning

Let’s face it, when we’re making a big change in our lives, whether it’s moving house, starting a new job, closing a business or retiring, behind each of these scenarios sits all manner of financial implications.  It’s fair to say that in order to serve ourselves properly, we are obliged to understand the financial ramifications that any of these life changing decisions create.

So why would we not take time to speak with someone who is equipped with all the right credentials, tools and up to date knowledge?


Cue Glen Usher, our group’s brilliant Financial Planner who brings 14 years dedicated financial planning experience for you, our customer, to draw upon.

This segment of our business reflects the importance we place on our duty of care towards our clients.  We have made sure that whatever question you have regarding those items you need to have in place, so that your family’s interests are protected, are available to you.  These items may include:

Income protection

Trauma insurance

Life and total and permanent disability insurance



Glen’s specialty is his capacity to help those people who are in a situation where they are ready to downsize, you know children have left home, house is too big, and maybe it’s time to offload an investment property to realise some capital and make that capital work differently, since your needs are now different.

Actually, one of Glen’s clients is in exactly this situation at present and Scope Realty is in the process of selling their home in readiness for their next chapter.

Are you beginning to see how our group of businesses interacts? Our primary objective is for you, our client, to feel assured of consistent, professional service across the spectrum of services that we deliver, which parallel with life’s most important decisions.

So what about “Settlement Agency Services” and “Property Management”?

These two components of our business are definitely on the “Grand Plan”.  They will happen in due course as we continue to deepen our roots in the market place and various milestones have been achieved.  Naturally we will keep you informed of when they are “open for business”.  It is our hope that you see how pertinent and complimentary these two businesses will be to the services that we currently offer.

So let’s imagine a final scenario then.

You decide that you want some financial advice, so you give Glen, our financial planner, a call.  From this conversation you realise that you want to sell a property and buy a cheaper investment property.

Glen suggests that you work with Ricky of Scope Realty which you do and in so doing, you find a house that you wish to buy.

Recognising the need for finance, Ricky introduces you to Mark, our mortgage broking expert, to co-ordinate the sourcing of that finance.

The offer you make on the property is accepted, and once all conditions are met, our in-house settlement agency manages that process.  Given the property is an investment, the final link in the chain, to realise your dream, is to rent it out.  And would you believe it, our thriving property management business is ready and waiting to manage your all-important asset.

All this, under the one roof!

We are super excited to be offering these services.  With a lot of thought and careful planning, we’ve created a suite of businesses to help you reduce your leg work and stress levels.  Anything we can do to minimise stress and maximise ease during a time that is typically fraught with pressure and the need to make decisions we see as our duty.

So, let us be of service to you.  When major changes are on the horizon, give us a call on either of these numbers: 9287 1020/9287 1030.  It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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